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Servicemen and women, veterans; our small company would like to thank you for your service. We will restore any two photographs you have of you in uniform while in the service at no charge, and we will never email, call you, junk-mail you or market you in any way. Just mail them to us, you will have them back within two weeks, restored, end of story. The originals will be returned undamaged too. If you have more than two, email us about our military discount.

We  offer a 20% discount on all services to active military personnel.

Before resoration.

After restoration.

(The above photo was taken in Belgum in 1944, and shows John J. Tobin "Toby" of Weymouth Massachusetts. Tobin won the Silver Star as an Army Ranger for his actions on D-Day scaling the cliffs at Point-Du-Hoc.)